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Scott's L.A.™ Article:
Back to the Future - a Tribute

In May 2005, L.A. Film School students Trever Fadrhonc and Luke Rold produced the film "Blockbusters" to showcase their skills.  Blockbusters is, in part, a tribute to the 1985 classic, Back To The Future. They were able to locate and rent the actual Delorean used in Back To The Future II, and they located and used the pyrotechnician who created the “fire tracks” for the original movie.

Trevor and Luke chose their Blockbusters location because it was used in Back To The Future and Back To The Future II. In the original Back To The Future, this South Pasadena location is where Crispin Glover (“George McFly”) was in the tree with the binoculars looking into Leah Thompson’s window. Michael J. Fox (“Marty McFly”) then realized that his “father-to-be” was a Peeping Tom. McFly fell from the tree then Marty was hit by an oncoming car when he pushed McFly out of harm’s way.



The pictures below show Trevor, Luke, and their crew shooting Blockbusters in this location. This street in South Pasadena has been used for 9 major films & TV shows so neighbors aren’t usually surprised or all that excited. But when Trevor and Luke brought the Delorean here, and made fire tracks in the street, neighbors flocked to the scene.

NOTE: Details about the other movies shot on this street, including Old School, Teen Wolf, Ghost Dad, thirtysomething, and Cold Case Files are described on the “Movie Locations” track on our Pasadena CD.






Photos by Scott — Used with permission.

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