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Testimonials from Scott's L.A.™ Customers:

Great Hollywood Sign Photo with Denise who drove up for a great shot

Denise from Utrecht writes:

"Coming to L.A. stands for glamour, movies, excitement and a thrilling experience!  That is just what Scott showed me.  Driving in L.A. can be daunting, but Scott led me right up close to the Hollywood Sign, movie locations and places in Hollywood and Pasadena I did not know of, nor could have ever found on my own.  The Warner Brothers Studios Tour and all the great stories I heard made my trip to L.A. unforgettable."

--Denise (Utrecht, THE NETHERLANDS)

Flag of The Netherlands

Issac Burkes

Isaac Burks from L.A. City Council District 4 writes:

"As I listened to the CDs, I became transformed into a tourist and felt right comfortable being driven through the streets of L.A..  
I am a native Texan and if I had a CD like this when I first arrived, I would be more of an Angeleno than I am...  You've done a superb job."

--Isaac Burks
Deputy of Arts and Culture
L.A. City Council District 4

California Flag


Stacey from Bedford writes:

"Scott, just wanted to let you know that the CD's were awesome. We didn't have time to do the whole tours, but they were awesome. I listened to them before we went and my niece and I both listened to some of it on the plane. There were times, when we were trying to find our way, and I would say, 'wait, he will tell us how to get there' and I would turn the CD on.  It was really wonderful."

--Stacey & Kara (Bedford, TEXAS)


Testimonial from Jimmy in Seattle

Jim from Seattle writes:

"Most of us who do not live in the Los Angeles area have a preconceived impression of the region.  We saw aspects of old L.A. and old Pasadena we could not have imagined.  Parts of Pasadena are among the loveliest neighborhoods we have ever seen.  We were particularly impressed with the Norton Simon Museum, and the gardens at the Huntington Library
This CD was absolutely the best $20 I ever spent!

We've done the CD 3 times now and learned something new every time!"

--Jim (Seattle, WASHINGTON)

Washington State Flag

Vicky Martinez

V. Martinez from L.A.'s Temple City writes:

"Being born and raised in Southern California, I thought I was well versed in the sights around town.  I was shocked to find that there were so many places I had never been on this CD like the Huntington Gardens. 

Scott's L.A.™ is a valuable resource, even for those of us who live here!"

--V. Martinez (Temple City, CALIFORNIA)

California State Flag

Family Portrait in front of Hollywood Sign

Geri and her family from Coeur D'Alene write:

"Last summer was our first real vacation far from our home in Idaho and our boys’ first trip to a big city.  We were nervous about getting around, but ... it was like magic.  We were never lost.  Because of Scott’s tours we saw beautiful places we did not know existed in and around Pasadena.  We were able to see houses where many of the movies we've seen were made.  We also learned about the history of the area, and great places to eat. 
Thanks Scott's L.A.!™"

--Geri and her family (Coeur D'Alene, IDAHO)


Testimonial Diane

Diane from Los Angeles writes:

"We had friends stay with us for a week, from Seattle. We took the Hollywood tour.  I was born and raised here, and I had no idea that some of those places existed.  Greystone Mansion and the Hollywood Sign were a couple of my favorites."

--Diane & Jasmine (Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA)

California Flag

Cyril from Paris writes:

"I went places I never thought of visiting and had a great time.  I ate at great places for cheap. I drove the tour of the neighborhoods where they filmed such movies as
Back to the Future, Old School, Father of the Bride, and more. 

Scott's L.A.™ should be required to anyone wanting to truly feel the experience of L.A., Hollywood and Pasadena.   Two Thumbs Up!!!!"

--Cyril (Paris, FRANCE)


Shirley from Oakland / San Francisco writes:

"While we were in Pasadena to finally see the Rose Parade, we found a 'friend' to show us the sites, the movie locations and to lead us on a pilgrimage to the birthplace of our beloved patron saint of pleasure, Ms. Mary See, the creator of See's® Candies.
We couldn't have had that wonderful time without you.

Thanks for the memories, Scott's L.A.™!"

--Shirley (Oakland / San Francisco, CALIFORNIA)


Tobi from Hagen writes:

"As I was guided through L.A. by Scott, I just didn't just see L.A..  He showed me "Zamunda" from Eddie Murphy's movie, Coming to America, brought me Back To The Future, made me feel safe on the set of E.R., took me to great "insider" restaurants and told me all about countless movies and their backgrounds, L.A. stories and everyday life.  He is more than just a tourist guide, he is an "L.A. Kid."  I think most of L.A.'s citizens don't know what Scott knows.  If you take lots information, fun, action, humor, beautiful places, and L.A. and you get - Scott's L.A.™"

--Tobi (Hagen, GERMANY)


Dr. Roadmap

David Rizzo from Fullerton writes:

"Your CD tour of Pasadena is great on a number of levels. Then there is the advice you render. All good. All useful. All accurate. The reality of driving along and recording your narrative at the same speed as a listener would be driving through these streets makes the CD come alive. Any tourist, out-of-state or local, would enjoy this CD."

--David "Dr. Roadmap" Rizzo (Fullerton, CALIFORNIA)
Radio Traffic Reporter & Author of
Freeway Alternatives and Surviving The Drive!
How to Beat Freeway Traffic in Southern California

California Flag

Mark & Sandy from Janesville write:

"We'd never heard of The La Brea Tar Pits, Huntington Gardens, or Balboa until Scott showed them to us.  In Hollywood it was a real thrill to see movies inside Grauman’s Chinese Theater and the El Capitan, there’s nothing like those movie "palaces" back home.  We had great, inexpensive food the whole time we were there…we still think about our breakfast at The Original Pantry.  Best vacation we ever had and we spent much less than we expected!"

-- Mark & Sandy (Janesville, WISCONSIN)


Tony from Portland writes:

"We saw everything we wanted to, beautiful things we didn’t even know existed, toured a movie studio, had lots of great food, and we’re going home with money in our pockets! What more could we ask?"

--Tony (Portland, OREGON)

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--The Scott's L.A. Team (CALIFORNIA)

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