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Scott's L.A.™ Article:
Pasadena CD - Movie Locations Tour

  • Driving instructions for this tour are on the Scott's L.A.™ Pasadena Audio Tour CD.
  • Playing Time: 23:15 (Tracks 13 ~ 19).
  • Actual Driving Time: About 1-2 hours. (Depends on how often you stop, walk around, etc...)

All of the L.A. area has been used to shoot movies, TV shows, and commercials but the locations are spread out over hundreds of square miles. The Pasadena area is Hollywood’s biggest “back lot” because it is close to the studios and offers a variety of “looks” including Middle America and the East Coast. The 31 locations you’ll see in this portion of the CD are all in South Pasadena because there are so many in a very small area, which means less driving and less gas money. They’re easy to drive to, easy to recognize, and easy to photograph. Below are just a few of the locations you’ll see on the Scott's L.A.™ Pasadena Audio Tour CD.  (Click HERE to purchase.)


CAUTION:  These are private homes and businesses.  Never bother or photograph the occupants.  As long as you stay on public streets or sidewalks it is legal to take pictures of buildings.  Bothering homeowners or business people, photographing them, or walking on their property, creates a host of legal problems you do not want or need.








TV Shows & Movies
TV & Movie Stars and Directors
All Night Long
American Pie II
Back To The Future
Back To The Future II
Beethoven & Beethoven II
Bringing Down The House
Cold Case Files (TV)
C.S.I. (TV)
Dr. Doolitle
Family (TV)
Forever Young
The Girl Next Door
Jurassic Park III
Kentucky Fried Movie
Lawnmower Man
Liar, Liar
National Treasure
Old School
Scream II
Sky High
Teen Wolf
The Player
The Rocketeer
thirtysomething (TV)
Windfall (TV)
X-Files (TV)

Barbara Streissand
Bill Campbell
Bill Cosby
Bonnie Hunt
Catherine Bell
Charles Grodin
Chris Klein
Christopher Lloyd
David Duchovny
David James Elliott
Denise Nicholas
Eddie Kay Thomas
Eddie Murphy
Elijah Wood
Elisha Cuthbert
Ellen Pompeo
Gene Hackman
George Eads
Jada Pinkett Smith
James Broderick
Jamie Lee Curtis
Jason Biggs
Jeff Fahey
Jennifer Connelly
Jim Carrey
Jennifer Anniston
Jorja Fox
Ken Olin
Jon Voigt
John Carpenter

Lady Heather (Melinda Clarke)
Laura Dern
Linda Hamilton
Luke Perry
Luke Wilson
Marg Helgenberger
Maura Tierney
Mel Gibson
Mel Harris
Meredith Baxter
Michael J. Fox
Nicholas Cage
Omar Epps
Patricia Wettig
Paul Guilfoyle
Peter Horton
Pierce Brosnan
Robert Zemekis
Sada Thompson
Sam Neil
Sean William Scott
Steve Martin
Sidney Portier
Thomas Ian Nicholas
Timothy Busfield
Vince Vaughn
Vincent D’Onofrio
Wes Craven
Will Ferrell
William Peterson

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